Company History

Precision Metal Lathe

It was 1968 when the cost of a new house was $15,000.00, gas was 34 cents per gallon and the federal minimum wage was $ 1.60 her hour. It was also the year that an unlikely duo of two young family men decided to venture out and start a business of their own. Norman Leduc and Raymond Boutin took out a small loan to buy a few pieces of equipment, rented some abandoned warehouse space in Swanton and formed Vermont Precision Tools, Inc.

They combined their one vision of creating a successful business with their distinctly different talents; one was clearly a machinist with a skill for making equipment produce good product at a fast pace; the other had a knack for business, a smooth talking salesman with an appetite to grow the business well beyond the local borders. The business grew at a steady pace, and has expanded several times over the years.

Today VPT operates out of its modern, climate controlled 90,000 sq ft building with more than 200 full time employees at its Swanton, VT headquarters and employs an additional 130 at its Kentucky subsidiary.

The business is now under the leadership of Leduc’s daughter Monica Greene.

VPT Vision Statement:

To be a successful company focused on providing its customers the highest quality products and services, generated within a team environment, built on a foundation of mutual respect, fairness, and pride.”